Application Engineering

For our purposes, we are defining "Application Engineering" as the development of software, custom designed to accomplish a specific task. Our focus is on web based and smart phone based applications. This customization can be open source with code that is available to the masses or it can be commercial code supplied only to the small business customer.

From time to time, small businesses need custom programs written that enhance their use of the internet or smart phones. In addition to small business website design, Nnvent can custom develop applications to fill your business needs.

The Nnvent team will spend time with you discussing the exact goal that this software needs to acheive. Once we know exactly what you are looking to accomplish, the task becomes much easier.  Nnvent starts by breaking this goal into many smaller goals. We have learned that there is no such thing as an insurmountable task. Each task is only a sum of many smaller parts and pieces. You will see how Nnvent focuses in on making your dream a reality.

Once we feel that the application is working as you described, you will have the final say. Have we met your expectations? Is the software working as you dreamed that it would? Have the goals changed making it necessary for us to make modifications? You are acting as our project leader. In this way, you are actually guiding us to meet your goal. Think of Nnvent as an internet Swiss Army Knife. Any goal can be met given time and perseverance.

All financing for the project will be clear and understood by all parties before we ever start. You do not want any surprises and neither do we. Nnvent knows that if your goals are acheived then our success is guaranteed.