Technical Writing

Technical Writing is a form of technical communication that includes many different fields as diverse as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry the aerospace industry, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and biotechnology. For our purposes, we are using it to describe web development documentation. This documentation includes user and administrator instructions, and publicly available text tutorials or video tutorials.

Proper documentation is sorely lacking on the web today. This should be not only an essential part of doing business, but also it can make or save you money. Good tutorials and documentation can reduce phone calls, support tickets, and emails. The time and effort that your staff expends to keep customers informed and educated can be put to much more productive use. Also, online queries from customers can be directed to a link that leads to existing documentation. This eliminates having to repeat yourself over and over again answering the same questions.

Writing documentation can be a tedious task for any business owner. Leverage your time wisely and delegate this all consuming chore to Nnvent. To begin documentation, a web developer should have primary input. This developer is the best choice due to their familiarity with the product and the testing of the product. They will also know the limitations of the product. While testing a software application, the testing developer begins by documenting all steps for using the software. Utilizing this test procedure, the tester will work their way through these steps looking for faults and errors. The repetition of these steps and the documentation of the results instill an intimate knowledge with the workings of the application. Stress testing and non-normal parameters or conditions will reveal the limitations of the software. All use cases are documented during tests. From all of this information, we can write extremely precise and user friendly documentation and tutorials.

Nnvent can also use these same techniques to write accurate tutorials for software that we have not developed ourselves. Our team works with you and your developer discussing how the software application is designed to work, by observing a user in action, and notating each step along the way. Our educated questions lead us to an understanding that others have not yet possessed. The more questions and experience that we have with your software, the closer to a subject matter expert (SME) we become. By the time Nnvent starts on your documentation, no one, other than the original developer, will have a better working knowledge of the software.

This documentation method accomplishes other goals also. While pouring through every detail of the application, Nnvent is testing (or retesting) many of the functions. We will then produce test reports, error logs, and suggested improvements for your application. Your documentation will not only be accurate, but will also come with a plan for future development and enhancements.

You can see why Nnvent would be the perfect partner to help alleviate your documentation burdens.