Website Design and Development

Truthfully, anyone can design a simple small business website. As we have all witnessed on the internet, most websites are either hard to use, difficult to look at, or are simply just a waste of time. Nnvent designs small business websites in a different way. We are not just a website mill pushing out as many websites as possible. We know what users want and need from their website design experience. Our expertise in user interfaces allows us to look at web design and development in a completely different way.

Do you ask yourself what others expect from your business website? Do you concern yourself with the ease of finding information? Do you research how the website might look on other browsers or machines? We do. Nnvent takes pride in being obsessive about the details. Nnvent learns your small business from the inside out. What image do you want to convey to the customer? We sweat the little stuff for you.

Most business websites can be considered as being constructed in two basic parts. There is the frontend that the user sees on the internet and there is the backend that does all of the programmatic heavy lifting. You will never need to see the code and how the magic of the frontend is accomplished. Leave that to us. The user's experience of light, color, shape, and content will all be contained in the frontend portion. The Nnvent team of artists and designers will deliver a website that you can truly be proud of.

After we have achieved the perfect business website for you, we go to work on the search engine optimization (SEO). This is how people find you on the internet. We observe your website daily, record the traffic in and out, and then adjust to pull more traffic to your new website. SEO is not a sprint. It is a marathon.

Small business website design is not only an acquired skill, it is an art form. Like any art, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What Nnvent might view as Picaso-like, you might see as inadequate. For this reason, our team will work with you to give examples and suggestions on what will work the best with the current technology. We only want your success and satisfaction.