Text Tutorials

You have just proudly completed a new application. Your next step is to gerelease it to the public so that you can start receiving a financial return on the time that you have invested. Nnvent argues that you have one more step before a successful release of the software, the documentation. Very few companies or individual developers spend the proper time documenting a project. Most of the documentation is either considered unneccessary or left for "when we have the time". Releasing software without some sort of guidance for the user is not a good plan.

Nnvent believes that proper documentation is always a good investment. It helps to reduce repeated questions regarding similar subjects, reduce time wasted on simple tech support, and frees up your staff to work on issues that might be more critical to your company. Tutorials, user documentation, and administrative documentation add value to your software by increasing its usability. Repeat customers will always be waiting for your next project knowing how easy it was to learn the last one that they purchased.

Left incomplete, documentation will never be properly managed no matter how noble the intentions are. The originating developer begins to have lapses in memory or even worse, they might move on to another company. Nnvent will step in and guarantee that this knowledge is captured for future reference and to be shared with your end users. This documentation is also beneficial when modifying the software or maintaining it on a later date.

The Nnvent team will professionally develop and maintain your documentation. At the time of a new release, we will rewrite the documentation and record any software changes or added features to the software. Last minute projects or documentation for legacy software are always a welcome challenge for us. Talk to Nnvent about building your tutorials and other documentation today.